Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Sponsoring- Attract Endless Streams of Leads

Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring- If you are looking for the same old-same old, Magnetic Sponsoring is not for you!   If you are looking for answers to, “What do I say when I call my next batch of over priced, worthless leads?” or “I know Aunt Sally would be great at this business, if I could just talk her into joining…”, then Magnetic Sponsoring isn’t for you.   If you enjoy going to the post office to mail expensive info packets, scheduling follow up calls, answering objections and dealing with the “my company’s better than yours” crap, then Magnetic Sponsoring isn’t for you.

If, however you have asked yourself….

What if I could have 5-10 people calling me everyday asking how they could join my business?

Magnetic Sponsoring- Become the Hunted

How do I become pursued, sought after?

Why does everyone want to work with the top income earners in the company?

Why can those individuals join any company in the world and within week have a sizable organization, with little to no effort compared to the average Joe who busts his tail week in and week out?

Then Magnetic Sponsoring is definitely for you!

Oh, and by the way the answers are all the same.  (Mike gives the answer on pg 17)

Magnetic Sponsoring- Get Paid to Prospect

If you’ve ever asked yourself…

“How can I get paid by those who say “No” to my opportunity?”

Then Magnetic Sponsoring IS for you.

What others are saying…

“…You’ve written the best book in the industry…”

“Magnetic Sponsoring has changed the rules!  Finally, someone ts showing us how to do this business and make money from the start.”

“What Mike Dillard goes over in Magnetic Sponsoring should be mandatory reading…”


Personally, Magnetic Sponsoring has TOTALLY changed the way I approach my business.  I wish I had this information 15 years ago.

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